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Nittoh Zohki was incorporated in 1950 and is today a leading manufacturer of hydraulic pumps for all industry. Our manufacturing factory is located together with our head quarter in Chiba prefecture in eastern Japan. Our sales office is located in Tokyo, and we sell our hydraulic pumps not only to Japan but also to customers around the world.
Currently, we are also focusing on the development of new products such as hard disk destroyers applying hydraulic technology. We are focusing on building a global network in the field of manufacturing. Today, we are expanding our business to the rest of the world, mainly in Asia, Europe and America. We will continue to make high quality products tailored to customers' needs in various regions of the world.
Company nameNittoh Zohki Co.,Ltd.
Capital323,000 USD (2018)
BusinessHigh Pressure Hydraulic Pumps(up to 70MPa / 700 bar), Hard disc Crusher
Headquarters585 Takashi Mobara-City, Chiba Japan 297-0029
Sales office2-4-10 Kamezawa, Sumida -Ku, Tokyo Japan 130-0014
Phone+81 (0)3-3625-6551
Facsimile+81 (0)3-3625-6553
RepresentativeMr. Fujimoto Yoshihiro
Group companiesSanoh Kohgyoh Co.,Ltd.
Headquarters / Factory

Headquarters / Factory

Tokyo sales office / Showroom

Headquarters / Factory

VISA support for distributor
If you need VISA support for your visit to Nittoh Zohki Co.,Ltd. factory and meetings, Sanoh Kohgyoh Co.,Ltd. will support you. Sanoh Kohgyoh Co.,Ltd. is a group company. (See below)
In that case, please contact us using the " contact us " form on this web-site.
History and Development
1950Incorporated as Nittoh Zohki Co., Ltd.
1961Manufactured semiconductor / press-related parts.
1971Started to produce high pressure hydraulic pumps.
1979Provided “focus coil” for SONY video camera.
1983Produced small type motor.
1985Sanoh Kogyo Co., Ltd. was spun off as group company.
1993Started to produce miniature hydraulic pumps.
2003Techno Support Nittoh was spun off as group company, producing press.
2005Developed tape media cutter.
2007Produced 9kinds of “Crush Box”
2014Produced “Crush Box DB50” which physically destroy the data of hard disc.
2018First time exhibition at METALEX THAILND.
Company Profile Video
Group companies
Sanoh Kohgyoh Co.,Ltd.
Sanoh Kohgyoh Co.,Ltd. was established in 1968 as a group company of Nittoh Zohki Co.,Ltd. Starting with a 5-axis machining center, we use the latest machine tools to process and produce parts. We have a history of over 50 years and produce all the important parts of the hydraulic pump of Nittoh Zohki Co.,Ltd.
President : Akira Aikyo (Mr.)
President : Akira Aikyo (Mr.)
Established1968 August 1st
Address590-1 Takashi, Mobara City, Chiba, Japan (Inside Nittoh Zohki Co.,Ltd.)
Phone+81 (0) 475 26 5361 (Japanese only)
Facsimile+81 (0) 475 27 4660
Sanoh Kohgyoh
Main processed products
  • 1. Manufacture, repair and sale of high and low pressure hydraulic machinery and equipment.
  • 2. Production and repair of medical instrument parts.
  • 3. Purchase and sale of electronic tubes, communication equipment, office equipment, hydraulic equipment, and medical equipment materials.
Main machine tools
5-axis control machining centerMU-4000VL(OKUMA)
Horizontal machining centerM4000H(OKUMA)
Vertical machining centerMX45VAE(OKUMA)
NC latheLB-15 LB3000EX ⅡMy(OKUMA)
Horizontal machining centerHCN4000(MAZAK)
CNC LatheMP6200(MAZAK)
Combined latheINTGREX200 Ⅲ(MAZAK)
Milling machineMS(HITACHi SEIKI)

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